Beyond the notebook

Introducing binders, pocket folders and dividers

We believe that great things start with your notebook, and our signature notebooks are just the start. Today we are introducing binders, tabs and pocket folders. All are made from recycled products and are recyclable.

1.5" D-ring binder Perfect for getting organized. Just enough space without too much bulk. The best part? The rings are removable - a small screwdriver does the job. Drop the cover in the recycling and hang onto the rings (spoiler: you'll be able to buy a new cover in the future!)

Single pocket folder These are reinforced at the rings to make sure they don't tear and come up higher to hold your papers secure.

Tabs We write on ours in pencil so we can use and reuse!

All our notebooks work seamlessly with this system. The Composition and Journal size notebooks fit easily into the pocket folders. The Classic can be hole punched and sits nicely between tabs.

And, for those of you who loved our pens - we've got more!

You can find these under “Supplies” on the Shop All page. Or use any of the links in this email. They will be on the home page soon.

We can't wait to hear what you think!


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