That’s me, Elizabeth (the founder of Wide Ruled Rebel) on my first day of kindergarten, holding my pencil box.  It smelled of crayons, sharpened pencils and Elmer’s glue.  I loved it.


That little box was the start of a lifelong obsession with school and office supplies. An obsession I’m passing on to my children.  There is something about a fresh notebook - the newness and the possibility - new ideas, thoughts and  adventures. 

Sometime between when I started kindergarten and my daughters started middle school, school supplies changed.  The gleaming piles of brightly colored products began to feel cheap, commoditized - unworthy of our notes, dreams, thoughts, songs, sketches and equations.  And the ones we loved were too expensive for everyday use.   


After a brutal back-to-school trip to the store, we put our heads together.


Wide Ruled Rebel was born in the belief that great things start with great notebooks.  We equip students to write their own future by creating and curating tools to unleash thinking.


Our notebooks are our first products and the result of hours of research and understanding.  We interviewed students, parents and teachers, collected school supply lists, watched families shop and even scoured thrift stores for new ideas.  We built 8 prototypes, produced 200 samples, and collected detailed feedback.  Along the way, we learned a lot about our students - our Wide Ruled Rebels.

At Wide Ruled Rebel, we know that when you write something down, you change your relationship to it.  And when you write it down in something you love, you bring it to life. 

Wide Ruled Rebels stand up for what they believe and aren't afraid to be a little contrarian.  They are unabashedly themselves:  expressive, and accountable.  They know that in a tech-laden world, sometimes pen and paper is best.  They have a wide perspective and know that they write their own future.

We built these notebooks for you.  How will you fill your space?